See what choices you have for schools in Nelson-Tasman  and check out their zoning, decile rating and size.

If it’s a ‘full’ primary school, children stay there from Years 1 to 8. If it’s a ‘contributing’ primary school children leave at Year 6 and move onto to an ‘intermediate’ school. Intermediate schools provide a bridge to the next step of secondary school. Secondary schools are typically Years 9 through 13 and are sometimes called college, high school or grammar school.

We have a choice of 3 types of school in New Zealand – state schools (funded by the government), ‘state integrated’ schools and private schools.

85% of children go to state schools and schooling is free at these schools, although as a parent I do wonder because there is still a lot of things to pay for! Schools in Nelson-Tasman are usually a little under funded and require help from parents for sports, school trips, special tuition, exam fees, and other course related costs.


‘State integrated’ schools are schools with ‘special character’. They may be run by a particular religious faith e.g. Catholic, Christian or have a specialist education method like Steiner or Montessori schools. Just over 10% of students are enrolled at these schools. Education in state integrated schools is also funded by the government but the schools may charge fees for various facilities which can be up to $1,500 or more a year.

Schools in Nelson-Tasman have a mix of co-educational schools plus boys or girls-only schools e.g. Nelson Girls & Nelson Boys. Nelson Girls & Nelson Boys have ‘boarding’ facilities so students can live there during the term.

Some of our local schools are zoned and this has come about purely because of population issues where schools have hit their maximum roles and have been forced to put in school zones. You can find a full list of zoning for schools in Nelson-Tasman here: Nelson School Zone Maps

Getting to School in Nelson-Tasman may require using a bus if you live in a rural area. We are lucky here to have a fairly comprehensive bus system here. You can find more information about school bus areas on the schoolsnz website however it is usually better to contact the school directly for accurate details, school bus routes and school bus timetables.

List of Schools in Nelson-Tasman

It is surprising how many schools we have in the Nelson-Tasman regions! The list has been broken into 3 areas and you can find a full list of schools for each area on each of those 3 pages with links to the schools websites and their zone maps (if zoned):

List of Schools in Nelson

List of Schools in Richmond

List of Schools in Tasman District Council

If you have any questions regarding school zones in Nelson-Tasman please ask Brent as he is happy to help.



We have tried to make this list as comprehensive and as accurate as possible. If you notice information that is incorrect, please let us know so we can update it. We have provided this information purely as a service only and take no responsibility for any inaccuracies.



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