Whether you are moving to Nelson or already a Nelsonian and looking to move from your current location you may well want to find out what schools you have to choose from.

We are very fortunate here in Nelson that our quality of schools are very good and it is near impossible to make a bad choice.

I have put together a list of schools in Nelson to help you with your decision making.

Nelson Schools

Nelson can also be described as Nelson City Council or sometimes our whole region (including most of Tasman District Council) is called Nelson. This can be a little confusing sometimes so I have written an article about that here.

This is a full list of schools in Nelson City Council.

A list of schools in Richmond can be found here: List of Richmond Schools.

A list of schools in Tasman District Council can be found here: List of Schools in Tasman District Council.

A list of school zone maps can be found here: School Zone Maps

Wakapuaka/Hira/North Nelson/Atawhai

Hira School

800 Main Road, RD1 Hira, Nelson 7071


Primary School

Years 1 – 6

Approx School Roll: 75

Decile: 10

Not Zoned

We offer a dynamic learning environment with dedicated and passionate staff. Our philosophy encourages balanced academic, social and physical learning, in a school that is well-equipped both inside and out.

Facilities include spacious grounds with large playing fields, an adventure playground, a full-sized tennis/netball court, solar-heated swimming pool and the children’s favourites: a natural stream and a sealed scooter and bike track, known as ‘the Hira Highway’.

Our smaller size is a strength that encourages family participation, caters for individual needs and fosters a successful approach to life-long learning.

Clifton Terrace School

888 Atawhai Drive, Atawhai


Primary School

Years 1 – 6

Approx School Roll:  306

Decile: 9

Not Zoned

Clifton Terrace School is located in the Atawhai area approximately 8 km from the city of Nelson. Children come to the school from town, The Glen and Dodson’s Valley. The school is set in a park-like setting with many trees included within our property for everyone to enjoy. Staff at Clifton Terrace are fully committed to providing the very best for children. The school is moving through a period of sustained growth and currently, there are 14 classes occupied ranging from New Entrants to Year 6 children. Each classroom is very well equipped with up-to-date technology and resources for the benefit of children and their learning. We are fortunate to have a large, fully equipped hall, two computer suites and a fabulous library and an environment that is the envy of many.

Nelson City

Maitai School

93 Tasman Street, The Wood


Special School

Approx School Roll:  27

Decile:  7

Not Zoned

Maitai School is welcoming and friendly; a place where families can feel at home. We provide high quality learning and therapy opportunities for students of all ages in the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS).

Our amazing students are at the heart of our school, as we support them to learn and grow. Their interests and strengths are paramount, as we work alongside parents to develop learning programmes that are challenging, exciting and fun. Our detailed and precisely tailored programmes always include specialists, families and whānau, and the community.

Our lovely small school is nestled between the Maitai River and Queen’s Gardens in central Nelson, adding beauty to our nurturing and calming environment. Take a look at our delightful photo galleries to view our place, and the great range of learning opportunities we offer.

We believe in our students and know they can succeed.

Nelson Central School

70 Nile Street, Nelson


Primary School

Years: 1 – 6

Approx School Roll:  437

Decile:  7

Zoned – List of school zone maps.

Nelson Central School is a central city school established in 1878 and is confined to a single site. The roll currently ranges between 400 and 490 with around seventy five year old enrolments each year. Almost all new entrants have one to two years in an early childhood education facility. These include kindergartens, playcentres, Montessori pre-schools, creches and day care centres as well as kohanga reo. Transition to school is aided by close liaison and pre-enrolment visits.

Hampden Street School

250 Hampden Street, Nelson


Primary School

Years: 1-6

Approx School Roll:  463

Decile: 6

Zoned – List of school zone maps.

“Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which people think and act.”

“Values are part of the everyday curriculum – encouraged, modelled, and explored.” The New Zealand Curriculum Ministry of Education (2007), p.9-10

The values we live by at Hampden Street School support and confirm our school vision and are evident in the way we work with and relate to others. These key values represent the deeply held beliefs of how we expect all people to think and act at Hampden Street School.

Our values are part and parcel of the teaching and learning programmes we deliver at our school. They are planned for, and carefully woven into the everyday life of the school; they are actively promoted and expected of all people within our school community.

St Joseph’s School

1/18 Manuka Street, Nelson


Primary School

Years 1-8

Approx School Roll:  355

Decile: 8

Not Zoned

Welcome to our School Community. We at St Joseph’s School Nelson believe that in order to develop fully in society, each of us needs to have a genuine belief in his/her own self worth, based on our faith in God’s love for each of us. We need to be thinking, caring members of our family, our school and the wider community, knowing that we can make a difference. We endeavour to provide at St Joseph’s, a secure, happy Christian learning environment where each person is challenged to develop wholeness, where love of God, love of neighbour and love of self are motivating forces.

Auckland Point School

111 Haven Road, Nelson


Primary School

Years: 1-6

Approx School Roll:  93

Decile: 4

Not Zoned

Our children’s learning success and happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Auckland Point School focuses on nurturing and developing a child’s individual strengths, talents and spirit.

We have high expectations for behaviour and curriculum success in all areas. We prepare our students for future life by educating with purpose through authentic context learning and a broad, creative curriculum.The heritage of our school site is important to us and the spirit of it is woven into our school life. ‘Auckland Point School strives to inspire, support and teach children to be the best they can be.’

Nelson College for Girls

400 Trafalgar Street, Nelson


Secondary School

Years:  9-13

Approx School Roll:  1119

Decile:  7

Not Zoned

We pride ourselves on providing a world class education for our young women in a very caring and supportive family environment.  There has always been a focus on achievement in our school in academic, sporting and cultural activities and we are proud of our results in all these areas, on both a local and a national level.

Nelson College for Girls is a school with a very proud history. For more than 130 years, we have produced young women who have gone into the world with confidence and a sense of pride in achieving to the best of their abilities.  Often they have been inspired by the successes of the women who have preceded them. Our motto ‘Pietas, Probitas et Sapientia’ – Loyalty, Honesty and Wisdom – sums up well the values and essence of our school.

Nelson College for Girls Preparatory School

400 Trafalgar Street, Nelson


Private Intermediate

Years: 7-8

Approx School Roll: 76

Decile: 10

Not Zoned

Our committed staff see our programme as a specialised two year pathway nurturing the girls to be prepared to become effective citizens, who will learn to challenge, to question and become involved, knowing that they have the right to inquire and the responsibility to care for themselves, humanity and their environment.

Nelson College

67 Waimea Road, Nelson


Type:  Secondary

Years: 9-13

Approx School Roll:  1182

Decile:  7

Not Zoned

Nelson College is an innovative boys’ school founded in 1856. The College takes pride in being New Zealand’s oldest state school with a rich heritage of tradition forming a backdrop to modern educational practice.  

The College is situated in a picturesque setting, with excellent facilities for learning, sport, leisure and performing arts. Twenty two hectares of impressive grounds include playing fields, a pool, two gymnasiums, and tennis courts as well as a traditional Hall and modern performing arts facilities.

Nelson College Prep Department

67 Waimea Road, Nelson


Type:  Private Intermediate

Years:  7-8

Approx Roll:  110

Decile:  10

Not Zoned

Nelson College Preparatory School is a unique learning environment. It is the only New Zealand independent boys school attached to a state secondary school. The Prep school is set within the grounds of Nelson College and the boys have access to a wide range of teaching facilities in the College.

Boys are taught by well qualified and dedicated form teachers and by specialist college teachers. This blend allows the students to study in a classroom environment with other boys who are equally motivated to achieve. Programmes are tailored to the specific needs of boys and we will ensure that your son is given the opportunity to strive for academic achievement to the best of his ability.

Nelson Intermediate

112 Tipahi Street, Nelson


Primary School

Years: 7-8

Approx School Roll:  447

Decile: 5

Not Zoned

Victory Primary School

214 Vanguard Street, Nelson


Primary School

Years: 1-6

Approx School Roll:  368

Decile: 2

Not Zoned

Positive Behaviour for Learning provides a framework to develop a positive school climate, and to create a supportive environment for personal, social, and academic growth for students and staff. In other words, the school-wide plan is essentially an instrument to enable the goals of the school to be achieved, especially the goals of student achievement.


Tahunanui School

69 Muritai Street, Tahunanui


Primary School

Years:  1-6

Approx School Roll:  284

Decile:  4

Not Zoned

Tahunanui School was established in 1908 and the student roll has steadily increased over the last 16 years. The roll is stable and peaks at 330 – 350.

We serve and reflect a diverse and vital community. Tourism, Tahunanui Beach, industry and the airport are some of the local features that contribute to our unique location and special character.

Tahunanui Primary School is a decile 4 school with a diverse cultural makeup reflecting our local community.

“Our school is founded on a tradition of high expectations, collaboration, and the striving for continuous improvement.”

Enner Glynn

Enner Glynn School

10 The Ridgeway, Enner Glynn


Primary School

Years:  1-6

Approx School Roll:  323

Decile:  7

Zoned – List of school zone maps.

Welcome to our wonderful school.  We are a school of around 320 students nestled in the valleys between Stoke and Nelson.  Our school provides quality education and learning for students aged between 5 and 11 years as well as a variety of other sporting and cultural experiences which we hope will enrich their lives further.

We are extremely proud to serve a wonderful community who cares deeply for their students and their learning.  Our purpose is to build on this through “Growing People – Nga Tanagata Whakatupuranga”, which about us all growing and learning during our lives (including staff, families and students) and our vision if for a school that has ‘Amazing People’, is an ‘Inspiring Place’ of ‘Active Learning’, which prepares us all for an ‘Amazing Future’.


Nelson Christian Academy

100 Marsden Valley Road, Stoke, Nelson


Primary/Intermediate School

Years:  1 – 8

Approx School Roll:  214

Decile:  6

Not Zoned

Our dedicated Christian staff are committed to caring for the total development of each child and seek to develop and maintain a friendly, caring, family-type atmosphere. Through the curriculum offered by our school, the learning experience of each student in the home, church and school can complement one another in helping them seek their purpose for service in life, developing into radical ambassadors for Christ and in preparing them for eternity.

Birchwood School

15 Durham Street, Stoke


Primary School

Years:  1-6

Approx School Roll:  262

Decile:  7

Zoned – List of school zone maps.

Birchwood School is a U4 contributing primary school situated in the suburb of Stoke in the city of Nelson. The school is situated in a safe residential area close to the Stoke shopping centre and adjacent to the Monaco Resort. The school meets the needs of students from new entrants through to Year Six.

The school caters for families who live on the western side of Nayland Road and in recent years has experienced roll growth from new families in the Aldinga Ave subdivisions. Easy access from this area is gained by means of some well-placed walkways. The school opened in 1976 and has an outstanding reputation in the community.

Stoke School

601 Main Road, Stoke


Primary School

Years:  1-6

Approx School Roll:  225

Decile:  4

Zoned – List of school zone maps.

The staff and Board of Trustees of Stoke School welcome you as the parent/caregiver and family of children to our school. Our vision at Stoke School is for your child to be a confident, connected, actively involved life long learner.

Success in education evolves through a partnership between home and school and we are always available to discuss your child’s schooling with you.

Excellent Education Review Reports endorse our staff’s ability to provide the best education for your child through challenging and interesting programmes in all curriculum areas.

Our experienced staff maintain and monitor a warm and secure school environment conscious of the differing needs of individual children.  We have a proud cultural diversity within Stoke School and aim to embrace and celebrate it.

Nayland Primary School

225 Nayland Road, Stoke


Primary School

Years:  1-6

Approx School Roll:  412

Decile: 6

Not Zoned

At Nayland Primary we take great pride in creating a learning environment where all children are valued and given the opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically in a safe and caring manner.

All school programmes and activities are aimed at meeting the needs of all children, giving them the opportunity to extend their learning and to provide them with a wide range of educational experiences both at school and in the wider community.

Broadgreen Intermediate School

193 Nayland Road, Stoke


Intermediate School

Years:  7-8

Approx School Roll:  456

Decile:  6

Not Zoned

Students are actively encouraged to participate in leading and contribute their best efforts to maximise their achievements. Broadgreen offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that will challenge, motivate and develop abilities.

Developing learners who are self-confident, connected, involved and resilient are key learning goals in our school. Thinking students that take personal pride, are prepared to experiment and experience new opportunities while building positive relationships are valued.

Nayland College

166 Nayland Road, Stoke


Secondary School

Years:  9 – 13

Approx School Roll:  981

Decile:  6

Not Zoned

When Nayland College was founded in 1966 it offered students from Nelson an opportunity to learn in a forward thinking and creative co-educational environment. As we move forward Nayland College is taking the best of our past and merging it with a fresh vision for our future with a clear, professional focus and vision of meeting the learning needs of young adults in the 21st Century.

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