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With over 12 years of local area expertise Brent Palmer specialises in selling real estate in your local community. He helps people to make better choices to maximise their sale price through thoughtful decision making and the use of smarter technology. Brent's mission is to create life-long clients from the people he helps.

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Whether you are buying or selling Brent can help you save time and money.

Jun 19

This may seem like a trick question but I am asked all the time if a certain room can be classified a bedroom. Well you are probably surprised to know that there are actually requirements for a minimum bedroom size set by the Housing Improvement Regulations 1947. The regulations prescribe minimum standards for a bedroom. Since […]

Jun 16

Sunday is often family day in many households.  So we thought we’d share some of our favourite family-friendly activities for a Sunday. Faulkners Bush is located on the main road just south of Wakefield.  A great dog-friendly park with band rotunda, playground, and flying fox.  But the best part is the lovely tracks and boardwalks […]