Take the shower you deserve

Brent Palmer
Brent Palmer
Published on June 28, 2018

There is nothing quite like a nice long hot shower at the end of the day, almost as if it is washing all the stress away with it leaving you relaxed and warm.

Not as enjoyable however if your shower is killing your vibe. Too cold, too hot, mouldy tiles, clogged drain and what’s that smell??? The end of the day is not so pleasurable now is it.

Below is a few tips to help you get the best out of your end of the day or early morning experience, to help have you back in a shower heaven in no time.

Wimpy water flow?

The first thing we think of with a wimpy water flow is low water pressure, but that’s not always the case. There is something more simple to check first. The shower head. Over time hard water and mineral deposits can build up, clogging the shower head and curbing your water flow.

If your shower is modern you should have a model that screws onto the shower arm. Simply remove this by turning, you may need to put a little elbow grease into it. Depending on how clogged it is, a simple soak in vinegar for an hour or so will do the trick. If it is quite clogged you will want to soak it in a ‘Calcium, Rust and Lime remover’. It’s not expensive, will set you back about $14.99 a bottle and lasts for ages, you can buy it at your local hardware store. After it has soaked for an hour or so it’s time to pop on some gloves, grab an old toothbrush and give it a good scrub to remove all those nasty bits.

When you have put the shower head back on make sure you give it a good run through to be sure all the cleaning solution has been washed out properly and your shower is ready for use.

If your shower head is firmly fixed and cannot be removed, no worries. Fill a small bag with your choice of cleaning solution and put the shower head in there, be sure it is fully submerged, holding it in place with strong rubber bands.

Once you have finished soaking, be sure to give it the scrub treatment and a good run through to make sure all that solution is out of there.

Clogged drains

Human’s shed hair, it’s what we do. Just like our animal friends who tend to leave theirs all over the couch and end of the bed. We like to leave ours in the bottom of the shower. Not to worry, this one should be an easy fix.

The first method for attacking the problem is to remove the drain if possible and clean it out with your hand, use gloves as you don’t know what you will encounter, but I can promise you it won’t be pretty. Many showers have a covering that lifts up and a small type of filter in place already, even giving these a weekly clean out is a great idea to keep everyone’s showers enjoyable.

If the hair goes in too far for you to reach it you can get a device that looks like a long stick, but made out of flexible pipe cleaner with longer hairs on it. Poke this into the drain, wriggle around and see what treasures you can fish up.

It may be that neither of these methods work and you need some extra help. There are many shower cleaners in the market for this purpose and all very cheap. Drain clean is one designed especially for hair and readily stocked on most shelves. Before you go putting any kind of solution into your drain have a chat with the team who you are buying it from first. It works by dissolving the hair and can be a little hard on older pipes. They can advise the right solution for the job and also a few other tricks to help.

If none of the above work, it may mean that you have a problem further along the pipes and it’s time to call a plumber. Perhaps one of your darling children has stuck something down there, may explain where they favourite dinky car went?

A clean shower is a dreamy shower

Lastly, all about the cleaning. Mould and soap scum are not only yucky, they can also be unhealthy and don’t create a nice environment as a cleaning sanctuary for your body.

Using a product such as Selleys Mould Killer will work a treat on both of these, two birds one stone – brilliant! Just simply spray it on, leave for 2 minutes and then clean it off. They have just given this product an upgrade and now even lower on fumes.

Be sure to give your shower a clean regularly. Also opening a window or using a fan will keep the steam down and mould will be less likely to grow. Give your tiles and glass panels a scrape down after your shower to remove the water, using a squeegee (like what you get at the service station to clean your windows).

Now off you go and enjoy a relaxing hot shower!!

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