Getting the Garden Ready for Sale

Brent Palmer
Published on March 8, 2017

Getting the Garden Ready for Sale

You may think that it’s the bones of the house that matter, and things that can be changed easily (like the garden) don’t matter.  And you’re probably right if you’re looking for a buyer that wants a good deal.  But if you’re wanting a good price for your home, then first impressions count, and the garden – especially the front entrance, can give you the most bang for your buck.  I’m not suggesting that improving the garden will increase the value itself, but it will help hold the value up because buyers will see something that is well presented and looks like less work.

For minimal effort and expense, you can make changes to your garden and the front entrance that will entice buyers and help them feel confident that you look after your home.  A nice letterbox, tidy lawns, well-maintained plants, and pots, are just a few of the things potential buyers will notice when visiting for the first time.

So what can be done easily:

1.  Tidy up

This means getting the garden to look as clean and spacious as you can.  You don’t want it to look like there is lots of hard work to do, or the garden is hard to maintain.  So get rid of all the weeds, old pots, cut back overgrown plants, rake up all the dead leaves, wash the fence and house exterior, and water blast the drive.

2.  Freshen up

There’s nothing like a top up of bark, stones or pebbles to freshen up an outdoor space faster.  It provides a real pick me up in the photos, and is an easy job to get the whole family involved in.

 3.  An obvious entrance  

There’s not much more off-putting for a buyer than not being sure which way to go.  Is there currently a clear path to the front door?  If not, invest in a few pavers with stones or bark in between to make a polished, obvious direction to the front door.  Is it clear which door to use?  If it’s not, then mark the right one with some large planted pots to define the entrance.  Is the letterbox placement and numbering evident?  Ensure there is no question which is your house and which way to go.  To be certain, invite a friend who hasn’t been there before to come for a coffee and get their feedback.

4.  Look after that lawn

A sparse lawn full of weeds does poorly in photos.  Real Estate shots with lovely grass, really make a house pop.  So well in advance, spray for weeds and keep the lime up.  A lawn that is patchy, yellow and weedy, is usually the result of the PH balance being off – a nutrient injection is what it needs to bring it back to life.  But don’t leave it too late.

5.  Path trimming

It costs nothing, yet brings your paths back to life.  All you need is a grass edge trimmer.  If you don’t have one, ask your friends and family if you can borrow one.  Or if worse comes to worse – get out there with a knife or spade, and get trimming.  A quick job that has an instant effect.

6.  A lick of paint

You don’t need to be an expert to paint a fence or a garden shed.  Fence paint is very forgiving, so get the family involved and bring that outdoor timber back to life again.  Prevent the buyer from seeing a long list of jobs that need doing, and knock off the easy ones like this.

7.  Pretty, practical planting

Plants don’t have to cost the earth.  Refreshing the plants outside the fence, the front of the house, or up the garden path can provide just the lift it needs for less than $100.  You can go cheap and cheerful with ferns, lavender or tussocks even.  If you’re not knowledgeable about gardening, then just ask advice from the garden store, friends or neighbours.  Or drive around the neighbourhood and see what grows well in your area and looks smart.  The ‘rule of 3’ works for outside as it does inside, so remember everything looks more stylish when it’s replicated.  Keep it consistent and don’t go for too much variety.   Check out Gardening Solutions for help and inspiration.

 If you need some help to get the work done or professional advice please feel free to contact one of these tradespeople:

Bruce Hardie – Jims Mowing – 546-7075

Shane Brownlie – Brownlie Property Services – 021-371-567

Al Fresco Garden and Property Maintenance – 544-0444

Nelmac – 546-0910

Green Acres Nelson – 0800 803 200

Jos Roozendaal Landscapes – 021-264-9421

Nelson Tree Specialists Ltd – 548-0749

Manor Property Services Ltd – 0800-677-005

Sherlock Landscaping & Maintenance – 547-4969

Mr Green Nelson -545-1000

Boons Garden Landscapes – 542-3558

Allscape Landscaping and Design – 542-4110

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