What to Expect from a Building Inspection

Brent Palmer
Published on March 6, 2017

What to Expect from a Building Inspection

Building inspections are an examination of the structure and building systems of a house. They can be done prior to the sale of a house by the vendor, but usually, once an offer has been accepted, by the purchaser. The offer, in this case, would be subject to a building inspection, perhaps along with other conditions. The standard building inspection clause on a sale and purchase agreement allows you ten working days from the date of the agreement to confirm. If you are choosing a building inspector, you want them to be independent, experienced in the field and have professional indemnity insurance. This last factor is especially important as if something isn’t picked up by them, as your only hope of some financial recompense is that insurance. Also ensure that anyone owning the house with you is listed as their client, in case it was to end up in court. For some extra peace of mind, you may want to select from an association such as the New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors or New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors. A complete building inspection includes a report on the visual examination of the house from top to bottom. This should involve the ceiling space, floor space, outbuildings, and fences. It only includes areas that can be viewed by simple means, so no floorboards or wall linings would be removed. You ought to receive a written report on the condition of the: Foundations Plumbing Drainage Roof Insulation and heating Windows and doors Walls Services General building methods   It would discuss any structural defects, or areas that need repair, and will raise any issues with damp or mould, or re-painting that needs doing. It should also highlight any evidence that the property could have been, or still is a ‘leaky building‘. building inspections in nelson Also, bear in mind that building inspectors don’t test for ‘P’ or methamphetamine usage (which can have serious effects on your health) in a normal building inspection although many inspectors do offer this service on request. If there is any chance that the property could have been used for this purpose, you should definitely get a P-test completed. Living in a house contaminated by the chemicals used to make ‘P’ can cause serious health problems, and the decontamination process is costly. A building can’t fail a building inspection as such – you won’t be given a pass mark. It will just describe its condition and specify items that may need to be replaced, repaired, or rectified. This then enables you to get quotes from elsewhere if you wish. This doesn’t mean that you must turn down the house necessarily, it just implies that you may have items to consider for future maintenance or to fix immediately. If the issues are expensive items it is sometimes possible to re-negotiate the purchase price or to request the owners fix the issues prior to settlement. You may feel as though it was a waste of money if nothing was raised, but at least you can have peace of mind, and know that nothing is likely to be brought up in the future if you go to sell the house. It may also help you keep on top of necessary maintenance over the years that you may not have been aware of otherwise. You may also think that you could have just done it yourself, or got a builder mate to have a look. After hunting in the property market for so long you may have become a bit of an expert, but this doesn’t mean you’re an expert on the bricks and mortar aspects. Even the most experienced home owners or builders can’t know all the critical aspects of construction trends and issues from over the years.  However, a building inspector has seen these time and time again during their career. And to be honest, can you or your ‘mate’ really stay objective if you’ve fallen in love with a property? underfloor insulation and piles Once you receive your report, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get the building inspector to help you work out what are the priorities are, and if you have the opportunity, walk around the property and get them to show you first hand. Most inspectors are pretty practical and are used to having to explain aspects so clients can understand, they are all about the facts so can really help you take the emotion out of things. Here’s a list of local building inspection companies in our local area that service Nelson, Stoke, Richmond, Brightwater, Wakefield, Mapua and most other areas in Nelson and Tasman. ASAP Building Inspections  03 547 1475 or 027 344 4265 Betta Inspect It   0800 422 388 Builders Reports 021 100 6820 Hunt Building Consultants 03 545 8986 Little Pig Building Inspections   027 448 0465 Nelson Building Reports   022 099 0020 The Habit   0800 470 470 Top of the South House Inspections  027 737 3888 Westwind Projects 027 457 2285 David Little 027 825 9200 Paul Fox 022 064 9109 Feel free to call Brent Palmer at any time for advice when it comes to building inspections in Nelson and Richmond.

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