You love the house, what else to consider

Brent Palmer
Brent Palmer
Published on September 25, 2018

You walk in the front door and get the feeling that this is the one and after a tour through the house it is confirmed…. this is the home you want!!! But what else should you consider other than the home itself? Below you will find some other factors that may play a part in the final decision in deciding if this is the house for you and your family.

Your new neighbourhood

Something to think about before moving is who your neighbours are going to be. Not just the ones next door, but the entire neighbourhood.

If you have a young family, quiet at night will be important. Moving into an area close to a Tertiary Education facility may ultimately result in late night noise, especially on the weekends. The same can go for road noise. Pop back at different times and see what the noise level is like in the area, wind direction can make a difference when traveling in from a motorway too. If you are looking for a sanctuary as your home, this could be a deal breaker for you.


The type of schools in the area may be a big factor for you if you still have children at home.

Bus routes may also go with this one if you don’t want to drive them everywhere they need to go. Having supermarkets, petrol stations & doctors on your way to or home from work is a great advantage, saving you having to travel out of your way to get to them and make the quick stop off for milk and bread so much easier.

What kind of entertainment is going to be close to your new home? Do you have a place that can become your local restaurant or bar without too much travel. How far is the nearest playground, park or open space to head to? We are spoilt for choice with walking tracks here so check out how close your nearest one is for your morning walk with your pooch or your new running track.

Backyard and gardens

A beautiful big backyard with picture perfect grass and a stunning garden to match is certainly amazing, no doubt about it. It is also very time consuming to keep complicated gardens looking their best and not overgrown weed factories.

Think about how much time you are prepared to spend working on the outdoor areas per a week before plunging in. You may also want to account for the cost of some maintenance and hire a gardener instead.

It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker though; you can always bark some of the garden and add in trees, shrubs or grasses that need little care. Just remember to allow some extra cost for the materials if you plan on doing it yourself, or get a quote from a landscaper or gardener so there are no unexpected surprises later on.

The property might be the opposite and have little or no gardens, which may not appeal to your green thumb at all, (if you have one!). You can always add them in and remove a section of lawn or strip along the fence to add in a border garden. Consider adding in raised planter beds. But have a vision for what will fit where before moving in.

Building or alterations

If you have plans to build an extra room, add a deck or knock down a wall in your new house, you might like to save yourself some hassle later on and find out before buying if this is actually an option.

Getting building consent from the local council can be along and drawn out process. Knowing in advance if your plan is a no-go can save you time and money down the track. You will want to make sure the vision you have for your new home is achievable.

Some streets have covenants and regulations as to what you can and cannot have. For example, many streets will not allow you to park a sign written work van in the driveway or a boat / caravan. There are rules about lawns even. Check these out in advance so you know what to expect.


Work your budget and then work it again to make sure everything is order. Be sure to account for all your new home’s needs.

  • rates
  • water
  • insurance
  • maintenance costs
  • gardener / landscaper / lawn mowing
  • moving costs
  • Set up fees (internet etc)

Hopefully all these things will be in order for and you can move into your new home in no time!

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