Photography – Why use a Professional?

Brent Palmer
Published on December 9, 2016

Photography – Why use a Professional?

First impressions are lasting, and Real Estate photography is the reason people choose or don’t choose to come to your open home. With modern technology, people are browsing online real estate images from their phone, tablets and laptops daily. They are viewing hundreds of professional images, and those not photographed professionally, tend to get lost in the overabundance of media. Therefore, hiring a professional is essential in getting the best possible price for your home. It may cost a bit more, but it will pay off in the long run.
Professional photography isn’t just about getting attendance at your open homes. It’s about getting offers on the table. A good photographer doesn’t just focus on the most vivid of colours or widest lens but puts your home in its best light. Not just literally, but figuratively too. They help you paint a realistic picture of your home so expectations are met. A misrepresentation can make your open homes a complete waste of time (and they do take a lot of work), so a third party that’s not emotionally involved, can judge what will sell your home most accurately, and put your best foot forward.

A Picture Paints a 1000 Words!

There are other tools available now too that enable buyers to experience more before viewing a property, such as video or 360-degree imagery (perfect for those from out of town), and aerial photography (ideal for a property with a bit of extra land, or nearby features like the beach).


Also providing a professional floor plan of the home can make a huge difference to the buyer. It prevents any incorrect assumptions about layout, and buyers can envisage the way they might live in the space or incorporate their furniture. If you didn’t get one when you purchased the property, it’s well worth going to council as they should have one on file you can copy.
Remember though, it’s not worth taking photo’s until you are fully prepared for them. Don’t forget the old mantra ‘less is more’. Decluttering and depersonalising your home will help the photos and open homes no end, as it makes things more spacious and helps the buyer to really visualise themselves living there.  With the right presentation and attractive fitting photo’s, you can add tens of thousands to your property.  I am more than happy to provide recommendations for you.

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