Want to Fetch Top Dollar for your Home?

Brent Palmer
Published on February 2, 2017

Want to Fetch Top Dollar for your Home?

For the majority of vendors, fetching the best price possible is a priority.  To do so, you need to capture the heartstrings of prospective buyers and sell the dream.  Enable them to visualise a great life in their new home.  So get serious about getting your home in tip top condition, because a big effort now will pay off in dollars later.  But selling your home for the best possible price, takes hard work and a commitment to present your home in a way that ensures you get the maximum number of prospective buyers.  Here are some methods to get you on your way.

1. Preparation

Be in touch with the market.  Check out other comparable homes on offer locally.  If you are planning on doing some renovations you don’t want to overcapitalise for your area, but work with a potential target market in mind (there is no point spending $100,000 in renovations in the $400,000 bracket).  If you aren’t planning on doing any new renovations, ensure that all work begun has been completed, and any maintenance needed is up to date.  Consider moving in with friends or family to keep the place tip top, especially if you have pets or kids to give yourself the best chance possible.

2. Get in the experts

Don’t be afraid to get in the professionals.  Whether it be for renovation advice, painting, cleaning or gardening.  A small investment now, should pay for itself and more and will help keep the process manageable and less stressful.


3.  Declutter

The most cost effective improvement to your home is to remove the excess – less is more!  Ask family or friends if you could rent a spare room or garage – or perhaps hire a storage container.   Remove surplus furniture and cupboard items, to create as much space as possible.  Think of this as just a head start to your packing, putting away all those things you don’t use everyday.  You want buyers to believe there is plenty of storage, and if there isn’t any empty storage space, they won’t think there is enough.  Depersonalise by removing the bulk of family photo’s, trophies, certificates and other knick knacks, along with any religious, nude or political paraphernalia.  It can also pay to repaint any polarising colours with light neutral tones, or replace out of date busy patterned curtains which will help the buyer picture their own furniture in place.

4 . Encourage two-way critiques

Seek out constructive criticism, don’t be afraid of it.  Those who are successful in selling homes, invite suggestions on everything, whether it be curb appeal or pricing and this helps themwork out what else could be done to get the best price possible.  Ensure you choose an agent that feels the same way, will be honest about the buyer comments, and will take feedback on advertising choices, photos, wording and so on.

5. Curb appeal and staging

A buyer won’t pay top dollar unless their first impression is a WOW one.  Do your best to improve the curb appeal – ensure the garden is tidy, exterior is clean, front door is well painted, even ask the neighbours to free up parking in the street for the open homes.  Invest in new bed linen and soft furnishings to help put a consistent colour thread throughout the home (these are all things you can take with you when you move).  Stage each room so it has a purpose and tells a story.  Don’t go too far though – the old Chanel adage of dressing then taking one thing out works for houses too.

6. Sell an atmosphere

Buying a home isn’t always a rational, logical choice – but a feeling.  Emotions play a big part in the decision process of buying a home whether we like or not.  This is the reason why, as a vendor you can appeal to the buyer by offering the right atmosphere with simple things like cleanliness, scents, heating, fresh flowers and freshly cut lawns.  This is also why the feeling of space is so critical, the more light and airy a home feels the better a buyer will feel when they walk in.

7. Choose a great agent 

It can be easy to just go with the first agent you meet, or one you know that so and so used.  However to get the best price possible, this is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.  You need a helpful, personable, experienced agent who really knows their stuff.  Take your time to choose someone that you can work with through the process in it’s entirety.  Don’t feel bad about having a shortlist of agents and having conversations with each, but make sure it’s not just about the commission.  With all things, more often than not you pay for what you get.


About the Author: The above article on Want to Fetch Top Dollar for your Home was written and provided by Brent Palmer, a local leader in the field of Richmond and Nelson Real Estate sales, marketing, advanced technology for home selling, and social media.

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