If you’re searching through your winter woollies to find your t-shirt and shorts, it sounds like you’re in need of a wardrobe makeover.

Slow and steady wins the race

This job is made much easier by working in small amounts. Try and put an hour aside a week to chip away at the mess that has become your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get it done and getting dressed will take longer than trying to find what to wear. For those who just want to get the job done, great, you should only need part of a weekend to complete from start to finish.

You’ll need a clean space

Now for the fun part, let’s clear everything out. Stack your clothes on the bed, hang your dresses on the curtain rail, stack your accessories on the dresser and line up those shoes on the floor.

A quick vacuum or clean might be in order and now we can start to visualize your soon to be ‘new wardrobe’.

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 Let’s take a closer look

Now is a great time for a new coat of paint if needed. If you have been finding it hard to see exactly what colour that dress is, black or dark blue, now might be the time for that splash of new colour.

Light and glossy is the way to go as it’s highly reflective and makes it much brighter and easier to see. How is the light itself? Time to replace bulbs or perhaps add in some LED battery lights, there are some great options available that are easy to install yourself, no electrician needed. However, you may want to have some lighting wired in and go all out, sensor lights are fantastic option for your wardrobe and your lighting store or local sparky will be able to assist you with the right options for your space.

Do you need any more extras? Is there enough shelving and coat hangers? You may like to add some open storage container on the floor for your shoes and accessories, keeps them tidy and all in one stop. Hooks on the back of the door work a treat for your scarfs and belts.

Keep or set free

Right, time to sort and make more piles. You will need to sort through what you would like to keep to put back in your wardrobe, what you might like to store and keep for later and what you want to give away, donate or sell. You will no doubt find yourself with a pike of odds and ends, things that have no place in your wardrobe.

Those receipts in your shoe box need to be stored in the office or filing shelves. Alternatively you can scan and save copies on your computer to save storage space. Now is a great time to give back those borrowed clothes.

All sports gear, beach towels, childhood toy all need to be stored in their correct homes. If you don’t wear it, it doesn’t go in here. You will more than likely come across some ripped or broken favourites. Make the right decision about keeping them if you are sure you will have them fixed, same goes with clothes you no longer fit or a long way off getting back onto. Ask yourself, do I really need this?

Once you have finished you can take your things to the second hand store or give that gorgeous top to your friend you know has her their eye on it.  For those special items, why not try your luck on trademe.co.nz.

Let’s fill it up

Now that we have a sparkly clean wardrobe to work with, let’s put everything back in its new place. Make good use of those new hooks on the back of the wardrobe door for your items that normally get easily lost, such as scarfs and belts.

Shoes and accessories in the baskets or on shelves, you might like to get a hanging shoe rack if you are a little short on floor space. Use those extra coat hangers if needed and avoid putting two items on a hanger as this looks bulky and is hard to find your items quickly.

A well organised wardrobe is important if you are looking at selling your house, or preparing it for sale. It’s a good idea to place the items that you wear the most often front and centre. Alternatively you might like to group your items together, shirts at one end followed by pants and so on. If your in need of some organised wardrobe inspiration visit pinterest.com.

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