Who doesn’t need a break every now and then? That’s why I put this fun post together.

Get your mind off searching for your new home for a few minutes and take a second to be entertained by these 18 fun real estate facts.  Enjoy!

Real Estate Fact #1:

Can you believe that in China they can build a 30 story skyscraper in 15 days? They use prefabricated modules and connect them all together onsite. I wonder well they would do in an earthquake?

Real Estate Fact #2:

Located in Germany, the town of Nordlingen is built inside a large crater and has a wall around the main city. Apparently the meteor impact created an estimated 79,000 tonnes of diamonds but really tiny ones less than 0.2mm across but you can see them sparkling in the stone of the local buildings. I guess the likelihood that another meteor would hit the same spot is very slim!

Real Estate Fact #3:

What happens if the seller doesn’t disclose this and you then find a ghost in your house? I bet the police couldn’t pin anything on him.

Real Estate Fact #4:

Ok, it would be nice to have a spare billion dollars to spend on  a new home but I really do wonder if he has 168 cars? It could be staff parking too as, Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, has over 600 staff working for him in this building.

Real Estate Fact #5:

When I was in Las Vegas (or Paradise) none of the locals I talked to had even heard of Paradise!

Real Estate Fact #6:

Yes, the Pyramids, are really old. Quite amazing what they did back then without the machines we have today. Did you know the following fact about the Pyramids though?

Real Estate Fact #7:

Unless you have been there, most people don’t realise that the Pyramids sit right on the edge of Cairo. Saves a long walk in the desert if you want to visit them I guess.

Real Estate Fact #8:

I wonder what they had to pay for the section? And did the blue house block existing windows at the end of the other two homes?

Real Estate Fact #9:

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai (of course!) is more than 160 stories high and yes you can see the sunset twice. The world’s highest outdoor observation deck  on level 148 lets you enjoy the sunset for the second time.

Real Estate Fact #10:

 Although not directly involved in property Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd was seen by many as life saver when he destroyed their mortgage documents he stole from the bank. The home owners never had to repay the bank as the banks no longer had proof of the loan and how much it was. Maybe he could go to my bank?

Real Estate Fact #11:

I would never have known this.  A study carried out in 2000 found that at room temperatures it takes 34 days for E. coli  bacteria to die on stainless steel, 4 days to die on brass, and just 4 hours to die on copper. At chill temperatures typical of food storage, the study found that ten percent of the bacteria were still alive on stainless steel after 34 days, whereas bacteria were completely eradicated on brass within 12 days and on copper in just 14 hours.

Real Estate Fact #12:

Played around the world, Monopoly was originally designed to teach players about the broken nature of capitalism. We just thought it was good to help the kids to learn to count!

Real Estate Fact #13:

 I say get a red door first and then set the goal to pay that mortgage off. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

Real Estate Fact #14:

In 2005, Kyle MacDonald made 14 trades within 12 months and wound up with a house located at 503 Main Street in Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada. Nice trading up Kyle! He has since donated the house to the Town of Kipling, where along with the World’s Largest Paperclip, it is a major tourist attraction and community asset.

One Paperclip

 Real Estate Fact #15:

 Leona Helmsley’s pampered Maltese ‘Trouble’, who inherited $12million from the real estate billionaire, died at the age of 12. That’s 84 in dog years. The balance of money left went to a charitable trust. Helmsley cut two grandchildren out of her will and evicted her son’s widow after his death, left part of her fortune to the dog.

Real Estate Fact #16:

Located in a quiet neighbourhood of Omaha, Nebraska lies the home of billionaire Warren Buffett. It’s a modest house that’s worth .001% of his total wealth. He calls it the “third-best investment he’s ever made.”

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