Nelson or Tasman or Nelson-Tasman?

Brent Palmer
Published on May 17, 2017

Nelson or Tasman or Nelson-Tasman?

The discussion about what our area is called is always an interesting one. The answers can depend so much on who you are talking to and what history they have in the Nelson region. Did they grow up here, how old are they now or have they just moved here.

Behold the answer to the question of how to answer where you live (based on the proven, widely-accepted selection method of… my opinion)…

I grew up in Brightwater and when we were asked where we were from, we always said Nelson. No one knew where Brightwater was (and most people still don’t if they are from out of the area). Of course back then it was in Waimea County Council as the Tasman District Council came into force in 1989.

So what do the people in Brightwater say now when asked the question, “Where are you from?” Well depends on who you talk to. The old timers who have been in the village for 30+ years, say Nelson.

When I asked some of the younger adults from Brightwater how they would answer that question, 20% said they live in Tasman, 80% said they live in Nelson.

Now obviously the people that live in Nelson are going to say they live in Nelson however what about those that live in Richmond?

My quick survey of people that live in Richmond was about the same as those from Brightwater. The older adults were 100% Nelson, the younger adults were 18% for Tasman and 82% said they live in Nelson.

The people I asked from Motueka and Golden Bay said they were from Motueka, Nelson not Motueka. Tasman and over the hill the answer was just Golden Bay.

When we talk about the Nelson Region it tends to take in from Nelson to Richmond to Motueka and Nelson Lakes National Park.

I don’t know many people that talk about the area as Tasman by itself, although the “Nelson-Tasman Region” is fast becoming the new name for the region.

The official iSite calls us the Nelson Tasman Region. The New Zealand Immigration website talks about the Nelson-Tasman Region. Even Trip Advisor lumps us into one region, Nelson-Tasman.

I think my new answer from now on when asked the question “Where are you from?” will be “Nelson-Tasman”.

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