Not so Lazy Sunday with the Family

Brent Palmer
Published on June 16, 2017

Not so Lazy Sunday with the Family

Sunday is often family day in many households.  So we thought we’d share some of our favourite family-friendly activities for a Sunday.

Faulkners Bush is located on the main road just south of Wakefield.  A great dog-friendly park with band rotunda, playground, and flying fox.  But the best part is the lovely tracks and boardwalks through the native bush reserve  – a great place for sharing bird song and native tree facts with the kids. We used to take some old cardboard boxes with us and slide down the hill. Bumpy but FUN! Follow this with some coffee and cake, or lunch at The Villa.  They have fantastic service and lovely play areas inside and outside for the kids, along with a healthy, and reasonably priced kids platter.

Rabbit Island too has such great walking tracks (turn left after the bridge) where you can take the dogs and the kids walking or on their bikes – just make sure you wait until the tide is high otherwise the dogs go mud plugging instead of swimming.  Naturally, any Rabbit Island adventure gets finished off with a real fruit ice-cream, plenty to choose from on the way home during summer.

Isel park is such a treasure to stroll through with family and is also dog friendly.  Depending on the age of your children it’s also the ideal place for inexperienced or learner bike riders with lovely smooth winding tracks.  The giant ‘mad hatter’ type table is the ideal spot for a picnic, or The Garden Window Café is fabulous with kids (just check the opening hours first during winter).  If you’re really feeling Not-so Lazy, then Isel Park also has frisbee golf (correct me if its got a more official name but that is the best way I can describe it), so take one along and have a whirl.

Feeding the ducks in Washbourn Gardens is a classic.  Grab a coffee from the Oxford St Cafe first, and snap some awesome family pics while you wander through.  Then meander down to the Wooden Spoon (currently open Sundays), for a lovely brunch or lunch as they too have a great children’s platter.

The Railway Reserve provides fantastic biking, especially for young children.  Park up at the end of Elms Street (near Pomeroys), and enjoy a bike ride along the Reserve until you get to the playground next to Carpet Court.  Take a break and let the kids have a play (there’s a flying fox at this one too), then head south until you hit the Honest Lawyer, where you could also have a wee break and beverage, or continue along the cycle track next to the estuary, turning off back towards your car when the tunnel goes under the road.

The Kaiteriteri Inlet provides great entertainment for the kids and seems to be more fun than the beach itself.  Close to the walking tracks, if you like a view, and also the playground when they feel like a change of scenery.  Toad Hall on the way home is great for an ice cream or game pie, along with a lovely authentic, rustic playground for the kids.

Mapua is filled with Sunday options – fish and chips on the wharf, browsing the shops, ice creams from Hamish’s or park at Rabbit Island and bike to catch the Mapua Ferry (operating weekends, school and public holidays only during the winter season).  The Ferry departs at 10 minutes past the hour, and returns on the hour between 10am and 4.10pm.

No doubt you’ve got your own Sunday family favourites.  We’d love to hear them, so let us know, and we can add them to our collection!