Keep Richmond Humming – Support Queen Street

Brent Palmer
Published on April 13, 2017

Keep Richmond Humming – Support Queen Street

The main street of Richmond will be undergoing some major work over the next 12 months.  It’s extremely exciting to see this growing centre become more aesthetically pleasing, pedestrian-friendly and proofed for the future so shop owner’s minds can be put at ease without the fear of flooding again.  The work will replace aging pipe infrastructure under Queen Street, and reshape the road to reduce flood risk.  The surface of the whole street will be replaced, and as each stage is finished, the new safer and more accessible pedestrian friendly design will be put in place.

But it’s going to be a long 12 months for those businesses located in the thick of it.  Parking can be limited at times and shop fronts can’t always be seen easily – so take a moment to think of those businesses.  They are remaining open, so instead of driving away and finding another solution – make the effort to walk a bit further and put your money in the local pocket.  Or even alter your usual supplier to include a Queen Street business during this disruptive time.  A little bit of extra effort from us all will ensure this main street will become more vibrant in the future.  If too many locals choose to avoid the street then the hard work won’t pay off if the shop fronts are empty.

We love living in Richmond and for those of us with real estate in the area, we want a humming vibrant main centre to ensure a great desire to live here continues.

The upgrade project is progressing in stages, so look at the TDC webpage to see what’s currently happening.  Remember to use the ring road surrounding the CBD and walk through to Queen Street as much as possible.  If you’re short on parking – there is FREE ALL DAY parking at the A&P Showgrounds which is only a short stroll to the main centre.

The Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce has more information as well.

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