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Brent Palmer
Brent Palmer
Published on July 5, 2018

There are many factors into why people look at some houses with interest to buy and not others. One of the main ones is location, where your home is actually going to be. Location influences everything else going on with the home. Who your neighbours will be, how far to get to the shops for quick items and a full grocery shop, how long is the drive to get to work and visit friends and family, are there parks nearby……. the list goes on.

We’ve all heard the term location, location, location. It can have a huge impact on the home’s value. You might find the house of your dreams but it’s an hour drive from work and the nearest grocery store. If having something within easy distance of these things is key for you, the location trumps the house then it’s back to the drawing board you go. You’re not just buying a house, you’re also gaining a neighbourhood.

Below are the four main features about location people look for when considering where their new home is going to be.

Commute times

How long it takes you to get to work and school plays a part in your decision of where to live. Houses in, and immediately surrounding Nelson City or Richmond CBD tend to be more expensive, but may also mean you can you walk to work and school eliminating your commute time on the road.

What time you start work can also play a role. Driving into Nelson City from Richmond throughout the day or after dinner will take roughly 15 minutes. Whereas that same trip during the school run and start/finish times of office hours can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. So, do you want to spend a little more on your home to save an upwards of 7.5 hours a week in the car, pretty much how much time you spend at work per day extra. Or 5 hours if the traffic is good.


Parents of school-age children naturally gravitate to neighbourhoods near quality school districts. In-demand neighbourhoods will naturally attract a higher value. While being close to schools is an advantage, having one next door or across the road is the opposite. Noise can be a big turn off along with the craziness of the drop off and pick up times.

If you’re happy with your child’s school then after the move they are able to remain at their previous school as long as you are happy to drive them there every day. If that’s on your way into work then fantastic.

For a detailed list of all the school zones in the Nelson and Tasman region follow the link.

Homes located near open space are worth more

We are pretty spoilt in our region with having water close by. Rivers, lakes and sea. We also have a huge amount of parks and reserves, many of these with play grounds and walk ways intertwining.

Open spaces are a huge plus; having something close to your house is a great advantage. Kids can go and kick the ball around, play in the playground and throw sticks with the dog. There is walkways so you can all head out as a family or get a variety in your morning running route. It also creates a sense of peace and calm. Think about it, if you go on holiday to a beach destination how much extra do you pay to have a water view and how many times do you take it.

The neighbourhood’s proximity to commercial amenities

In a nut shell, how far to the shops? Having a dairy within walking distance is great for those single items such as milk and bread, it’s just so convenient. Perhaps why they are called convenience stores? Supermarkets are another big tick, less time spent getting there and home the better, it’s not everyones favourite job.

Having a shopping centre or small collection of shops and cafes pop up in your area will not have a negative impact on the value of your home long term. While being less than ideal during the building period, once up and running it can increase the price of the home and make the area more appealing. So, don’t let news of an impending commercial development in the area scare you away from the home of your dreams.

Other location attributes, such as jobs, motor ways and housing inventory all impact an area’s home values, but location is chief.

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