Your much loved pet needs exercise just like you, but it can be confusing as to where you can take them. Some areas require you to have your dog on a leash at all times and other areas you can let them run free and chase as many sticks as they like.

To help you make the most of our wonderful region, below is a guide to where you can take your pooch and if they need a leash or not.

Beach and Rivers for your Dogs

  • Tahunanui beach is a great spot for dog walking and exercise and no leads are required. The back beach is where you can take your dog and there is plenty of beach for exploring. You will need to steer clear of the eastern two thirds of the beach, the Council has prohibited dogs in this area for beach goers.
  • Rough Island is another great spot. Immediately over the bridge to Rabbit Island turn left and you have arrived. Let your dog run off the leash, with many kilometres and forestry to walk through you will be sure to tucker your four legged friend out here. This is also a horse exercise area so be sure to keep an eye out and make sure everyone is safe.
  • The Maitai Valley has a great walking track. Keep your dog on the leash from Collingwood Street to the start of the river mouth, Saltwater Creek and Collingwood Street and any other part that is a public footpath. Once you start up the valley itself off leash is fine. It’s very important that you keep your dog out of the river at Dennes Hole, Sunday Hole and the Maitai Camp Hole. There have been reports of toxic algae blooms in these areas and the council has banned dogs in these water holes. On the way up the walkway are several fields and sports grounds for some stick throwing.
  • Jimmy Lee Creek in Richmond is another great spot. Park your car along Hill Street and head on in, plenty of reserve and bush to explore and as the name implies, a creek too.

Parks for your Dogs

  • Isel Park is beautiful all year round and there is a great little network of paths to walk. Some areas require dogs on leads and others leash free. There is a sign at both entrances to show you exactly where so there is no confusion.
  • The Centre of New Zealand Walk has a great incline and even greater view, your dog can show his fitness off and race you to the summit the hill, leads are optional here.
  • Queens Gardens, with the lead on, is yours to explore
  • Miyazu Gardens are the same, leads on at all times.

Leashed areas for your Dogs

  • All Nelson and Richmond Cemeteries
  • Urban areas in Richmond
  • Public foot paths
  • Nelson City Centre
  • Suburban Commercial areas of Tahunanui and Stoke
  • Neighbourhood reserves
  • Sports grounds when games or training are in progress

Prohibited areas for your Dogs

You can walk your dog to sports fields and playgrounds with the family but they are prohibited from actually going onto the playground or playing area of the sports field itself. Nelson Airport is also a no-go zone. If you have any day trips planned to Haulashore Island you will need to leave your dog at home this time around. All Nelson City Council Water Works Reserves such as the Maitai Valley and Brook Valley.

We are lucky enough to have ‘dog litter bag’ dispensers throughout our region. Sometimes they are empty and need refilling so please always have a spare with you just in case. Lets keep our region beautiful. You can also pop into the council offices directly and pick some up for free to ensure you never run out. Alternatively pet stores such as animates sell them, you can even get a little dispenser that clips onto your leash so your pet can carry them for you.

For more detailed information on all the places you can and cannot walk your dog, please see the links for Nelson and Tasman

Is your pet registered? If you need to register your dog, change the details or have let the registration lapse follow the links to get it back in order, Nelson or Tasman. You can head into the office directly if you want some help or wish to do it in person during regular business hours.

Happy walking everyone, now get out there and find those sticks.

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