4 Ways to Furnish Your new Home for Less

Brent Palmer
Published on January 17, 2017

4 Ways to Furnish Your new Home for Less

Between the deposit and the lawyers and fees for the mortgage, homebuyers aren’t left with a whole lot of money. Yet, there are still movers to pay and, quite possibly, appliances to purchase and minor fixes to perform.

So, how will you furnish the new digs – especially if you can’t stand the thought of dragging your mismatched furniture from your rental to your new, yes-indeed-I-own-this home? Many of our first-time buying clients aim for something between buying new and keeping the old, so decide what’s worth keeping and then list what you’ll need to purchase.

And, lucky you, we’ve put together a list of places to help you furnish your new home for less.

“Used” means you’ll save money

“Used” doesn’t necessarily mean “nasty.” Especially if you’re a fan of DIY anything, how a piece looks when you first see it may have no resemblance to what it will look like after you work your magic.

If you’re not particularly handy, you may find it more of a challenge to envision a piece of furniture’s possibilities. Before you go shopping, take a stroll through online sites that deal with DIY furniture makeovers – Pinterest is an ideal place to start. The photos alone will open your eyes to the possibilities, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

A good rule of thumb is to focus your attention of the furniture’s style, instead of the torn or dated upholstery. Of course, anything from a smoker’s home or with pet odors should be passed by – some odors are impossible to remove. Here are 4 tips to get you started shopping for your new home, on the cheap.


1. Estate and garage sales

Both garage and estate sales offer bargains when it comes to purchasing used home goods. Estate sale prices are typically higher than those you’ll find at garage sales, but the merchandise is often more high-end and well maintained.

Check the local paper for listings of garage and estate sales near you. You may also see signs posted around the neighbourhood.

2. Cash and trade stores

Cash and trade stores are the middle men (or women) between the owner of the goods and the buyer. Sort of a for-sale-by-owner situation with the benefit of the consignment store owner offering a showroom and taking on the drudgery of the sales process. Yes, the store owner receives a portion of the sale proceeds, so bargains are often harder to find in these stores but you can find many things in one spot so they can be a time saver.

Do a Google search for consignment or cash and trade stores and pay them a visit. You can find the occasional bargain so don’t count them out in your search for “new” furniture and home goods.


3. Thrift shops

Thrift stores can be hit or miss on the quality of merchandise offered. The good news is that prices are quite low at thrift stores such as Hospice, Salvation Army, SPCA, Red Cross & Habitat for Humanity.

An alternative to thrift shops, especially if you’re looking for something unique to apply your DIY skills to, are salvage or house parts yards. Again, Google is your friend when seeking these out.



4. Online shopping

Trade Me is the granddaddy of second-hand home furnishings.  Don’t forget to search for no or low reserve, you never know what kind of interesting bargains someone is willing to part with for just a few dollars.

There are alternatives to Trade Me popping up constantly, so ask friends and family what sites they use.  There are several facebook regional pages and secondhand specific websites now available.

The internet is a great place to find deals on end of line stock too – a great way to get new furniture, at low prices.  However one can’t be too fussy – you might just get lucky with something that suits your decor.  Be wary of delivery costs though, don’t commit until you know what the courier fee will be if required.

Sure, we’d all love to furnish our new homes with furniture and accessories from the high-end stores, but new houses frequently zap our reserve funds. Shopping frugally allows you to make big, dramatic changes to your new home’s décor without breaking the bank.  Second hand or DIY furniture often provides a more welcoming homely look, and who doesn’t love a story to go with it!

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