The REAA website provides consumer information to those thinking of buying or selling a property.  Included is such information on topics such as agency agreements, sale and purchase agreements, sales options and advertising, commission and licensing.

If you are unhappy with the real estate services you have received or have problems with a real estate transaction there is also information on how to make a complaint.


Approved guides

To support consumer protection and ensure you have the information you need at two important stages of the process of buying or selling residential property, two approved guides have been developed.

Unless your Agent has provided you with a copy of the approved guide relating to agency agreements, he or she must not enter into an agency agreement with you for the sale of a residential property before the agreement is signed.  You must sign an acknowledgement that you have received the guide.

Similarly, before you sign a sale and purchase agreement for a residential property the agent must give you a copy of the approved guide relating to sale and purchase agreements. An acknowledgement that you have received the guide must also be signed.

Further information can be found here in the Approved Guides section of the REAA website.



Click here to find further information on how to make a complaint and the complaint process in the Complaints section on the REAA website.

Click here to download the REAA Complaint Form


Fact sheets

The following downloadable fact sheets have been developed to provide you with information on the buying and selling process:

Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA)


Approved Guides



Complaints Process