😎 Boredom Busters!

Sharing some Boredom Busters for kids and adults alike.

A new idea every day! Hopefully this will help to keep everyone occupied and you might even learn a thing or two or at the very least tick some things off your bucket list ✅

Boredom Buster 1

This first one is a link to 12 virtual museum tours!! Travelling the globe from the comfort of your own couch, looking at some amazing exhibitions.

Boredom Buster 2

Grab a couple of pillows and Tshirts and have lots of fun!

Boredom Buster 3

Ask the kids these questions for some always entertaining answers.

Boredom Buster 4

Try the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room for all Harry Potter fans.

Boredom Buster 5

Grab a good read for free with some classics like Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe

Boredom Buster 6

Have fun building paper planes and competing for points